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. james has 16 ounces (oz.) of cookie dough. if he uses 0.56 oz. of cookie dough for each cookie, what is a reasonable estimate of how many cookies he can make? a. 9 b. 16 c. 24 d. 30 Get the answer
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. juana va al supermercado y compra 7/4 kg de carne, 1/2 kg de arroz, 3/5 kg de fruta y 1/3 kg de papa. ¿cuántos kilogramos de mercado compró juana?


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. kathy and cheryl are walking in a fundraiser. kathy completes the course in 4.8 hours and cheryl completes the course in 8 hours. kathy walks two mi


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. kelly works two jobs. she usually works at a retail store for 7 hours during the day and is paid $12 per hour by the store. in the evening she work