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. determine the concentration of the brilliant blue working solution. concentration of brilliant blue stock solution:1.27e-4 m volume of brilliant blue stock solution used:7.10 ml final volume of brilliant blue working solution:50.00 ml (5pts) concentration of brilliant blue working solution (m): saved 2. determine the concentration of the bleach working solution. concentration of bleach stock solution:8.25% w/v naocl volume of bleach stock solution used:1.50 ml final volume of bleach working solution:50.00 ml (5pts) concentration of bleach working solution (m): Get the answer
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. do some internet research to identify businesses who have suffered because of cloud security weaknesses or failures. what can companies who are cont


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. do you feel pressure to have your body look a certain way to others? • how does it make you feel when you others are judged because of your their b


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. doanh nghi?p d? tính ??u t? góp v?n liên doanh v?i s? ti?n ban ??u là 500 tr?, trong vòng 4 n?m, lãi su?t d? ki?n là 12%/n?m. tính t?ng s? lãi c?a h