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. courtney was trying her hardest to keep up during choir rehearsal, but she was just not prepared. the choir director pulled her aside and asked her if she had been practicing her songs. courtney said, "yes, of course i've been practicing. my brother came home from college on june 29th to help me out, and then! spent all day june 30th and june 31st practicing on my own in my room." the director immediately knew courtney was lying about the amount of time she spent practicing. how did he know this? Get the answer
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. currency options sold through an options exchange contain which of the following? a) a commitment to the owner and are standardized. b) a commitment


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. current of 1.5a is field. what is the strength of the magnetic fielda 1m long wire carryingplacedatan angle of 30° with uniform magneticif wire exp


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. có 2 h?p, m?i h?p ??ng 5 bi tr?ng và 6 bi ?en. l?y ng?u nhiên t? h?p th? nh?t ra m?t bi b? vào h?p th? hai, sau ?ó l?y ng?u nhiên t? h?p th? hai ra