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. 2. a = electrophilic addition d = sn2 nucleophilic substitution g = nucleophilic subs at carbonyl(acyl xfer) b = e2 elimination e= electrophilic aromatic substitution h = conjugate (nucleophilic) addn c = sn1 nucleophilic substitution f = carbonyl nucleophilic addn identify the mechanism by which each of the reactions above proceeds from among the mechanisms listed. use the letters a - i for your answers. Get the answer
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. 5 an open box with a volume of 80 cmis made by cutting 5 cm squares from each corner of a square piece of metal and then folding up the sides as sho


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. 5. imagine that the scientist claims to have gotten the idea for a new power source during a dream. she had been working on the problem for many yea


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. 5.0 mg of radioactive nobelium-253 was removed from the reactor to be used in an experiment. it took 291 seconds (just under 5 minutes) to get the s