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--gwendolyn brooks why does gwendolyn brooks use diction such as "we/ real cool" and "we/ strike straight" in her poem "we real cool'? o a. to convey the teenagers' rebellion against their parents and teachers • b. to convey the teenagers* insecurity and their desire to be at school • c. to convey the teenagers' wish to play pool rather than focus on academics © d. to convey the teenagers' attitude and show of toughness Get the answer
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--vulaung standard deviation try it the average january surface water temperatures (°c) of lake michigan from 2000 to 2009 were 5.07, 3.57, 5.32, 3.19


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--¿cuántas moles de o2 reaccionan con 5 moles de gas propano c3h8 en la combustión completa? -- ¿cuántos gramos de gas carbónico se forman al descompo


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-. a particular electronic device is known to contain only 10-, 22-, and 48-52 resistors, but these resistors may have 0.25-, 0.5-, or 1-w ratings, d