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- na bony fish diversity 1. what are the two places fish live? 2. what are fish that live in open waters called? 3. describe the standard coloring of these fishes, 4. flying fish have the capability of becoming what? 5. which fins of flying fish are enlarged? 6. where are flying fish found? 7. what does northern herring eat? 8. how much herring is caught on the atlantic grounds? 9. give two uses for which herring are caught. 10. where are swordfish found? 11. what is the swordfish's bill? 12. what makes the swordfish an excellent swimmer? Get the answer
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- olivia skates twice as far as stephanie. this sum of their distances is 96 miles per month. how many miles per month does olivia skate? a.32 miles


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- on november 11th, smaller company sold merchandise with a selling price of $8,000 on account to rogers office supplies, with terms 2/10, n/30. no sa


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- on a test, helena is defining energy. which must she include in order to get her answer marked correct? ?making objects more compact o the ability