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- question 1 (1 point) a3.00e-6 kg snowflake is falling towards the ground with a constant velocity of <0.3, 0, -1.2> m/s. a sudden gust of wind lasting 2.0 s results in the snowflake moving with velocity < 2.3, 3.0,-2.2> m/s. what was the net force on the snowflake during the sudden gust of wind? (assume the net force was constant during this period.) a. < 3.0e-6,4.5e-6, -1.5e-6 > n 0 b. < 2.0, 3.0, -1.0 > n 0 <-6.0e-6, -9.0e-6, 3.0e-6 > n o c. < -1.0, -1.5, 0.5 > n 0 d. < 2.3e-6, 3.0 e-6, -2.2e-6 > n Get the answer
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- 3. which mathematical symbol would best fill in the blank to compare the two real numbers? (4 points) 14 5 order the set of numbers from least to c


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- 35.71cm3. a ship of mass 1200 tonnes floats in swater. what volume of sea-water doesdisplace? if the ship enters fresh water, wmass of cargo must b


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- 4.06 quiz: mythology 2 part a what is the central idea in the newsela article "joseph campbell and the hero's journey") story analysts study heroes