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*java*java**java*java*** draw the uml class diagram for the following given code and upload it to the module 7 canvas dropbox. you can use microsoft visio or microsoft word to draw diagrams. there is also an online tool gliffy available at https://go. gliffy/go/html5/launch (links to an external site.). alternatively, you can draw it out by hand and then either take a picture or scan it into the computer. (note: if you choose this option, please make sure the image / scan is legible...if it is illegible then it will not receive credit). the following demo video will show you how to use the modelio tool to create a uml class diagram. you can register to download the free full version 1.2.3 at https://www. modeliosoft/en/modules/modelio-mode ler. html (links to an external site.). capture the screen result (pc users--by pressing alt print scrn keys; mac users--by pressing shift command 4 keys) and paste it to image editor. crop the diagram out and submit it. public class myprog f static int i-5; private integer j new integer(10); protected double k 2.5; public myprog)) public static void main (string[] args) myprog mp new myprog; void m1( system. out. println("hello world!"); void m1(string str, int n) for(int k 0; k system. out. println(str); public static int geti return myprog. i; protected integer getj )f return new integer(j); double getk) return new double(k) Get the answer
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*middle school 7th grade work!* which graph, equation, table, and statement represent the same proportional relationship (please help) 10 points per a


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*mr. smith is looking at two different shipping companies to ship some books. company a charges a $24 fee plus $10 per pound. company b charges a $40


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*need asap* an online retailer wants to study whether more lenient return policies increase purchasing behaviors. they select a random sample of 2000