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* please answer ty* (: what was the effect of strict governmental control of the economy in communist russia? a.) the government could control supply and demand more effectively than the free market. b.) every family was guaranteed spacious housing with rich furnishings. c.) people experienced long lines for basic goods and suffered widespread starvation. d.) the citizens of the soviet bloc had to wait until the age of 75 to retire. Get the answer
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* pete works in a garage. he uses an oil heater to heat the garage. pete uses the oil heater for hours each day. the oil heater uses 0.75 litres of oi


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* please help i have 30 more minutes to answer* all of the following led to the first crusade except: a.disputes over the holy landc.heresy among the


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* please type your answer and document all your body measurements 1. based on the vitruvian man by leonardo (page 599 and powerpoint lecture image 18