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a catapult launches a boulder with an upward velocity of 120 ft/s. the height of the boulder, h, in feet after t seconds is given by the function h=-167 + 120t + 10. how long does it take to reach maximum height? what is the boulder's maximum height? round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. a. reaches a maximum height of 235.00 feet in 3.75 seconds. b. reaches a maximum height of 10.00 feet in 7.50 seconds. c. reaches a maximum height of 7.58 feet in 3.75 seconds. d. reaches a maximum height of 15.16 feet in 7.5 seconds. Get the answer
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a catapult launches a rock with an initial speed of 35 m/s at an initial angle of 22o above the ground from a height of 0.0 m. after the rock has trav


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a catapult launches a test rocket vertically upward from a well, giving the rocket an initial speed of 80.6 m/s at ground level. the engines then fire


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a cataract is a clouding or opacity that develops in the eye's lens, often in older people. in extreme cases, the lens of the eye may need to be remov