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) which statement best describes resistance? resistance is: a: how well a current will flow in a material and is measured in volts b: how well a material conducts an electrical charge and is measured in ohms c: the ability of a material to attract a positive charge to create a current d: the ability of a material to repel neutral charges and is measured in ohms Get the answer
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) write the code to display the content below using user input. the program name is half_xmastree. this program must use (only) for loops to display t


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) xavier is describing the role of electron carriers, such as nadp+, in photosynthesis. which property of nadp+ should xavier cite? a) the chemical bo


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) yx is perpendicular to wz at x between w and z. zwyx=zzyx and ywyz. which congruency statements (hl, aas, asa, sas, and sss) can you use to conclude