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) there is a hotel which has 50 rooms. when the rate is $180/night, all rooms will be booked up. there will be one more room available when the rate is increased by $10. for example, when it is $200/night, 48 rooms will be booked. for each room booked, the hotel has to pay $20 for maintenance. whats the best rate for the hotel in order to maximize the profit Get the answer
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) two boys, shrijan having weight 600n and shrijesh having weight 300n are playing see-saw. if shrijan is sitting at 2m from fulcrum,where should shr


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) using complete sentences, describe what present-day canada and the united states looked like just prior to contact between europeans and native amer


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) vera sells her trading card collection in an online marketplace for $160. the website charges her a 13% fee for the sale.