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) the angular acceleration of the disk is defined by = 3t 2 + 12 rad/s, where t is in seconds. if the disk is originally rotating at 0 = 12 rad/s. a) determine the angular motion when t = 2 s. b) determine the magnitude of the velocity of point a on the disk when t = 2 s. c) determine the normal and tangential components of acceleration of point a on the disk when t = 2 s. Get the answer
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) the ideal resolution of a player using a laser (such as a blu-ray player), which determines how close together data can be stored on a compact disk,


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) the larger impurities and cloudy sediments in the water of aquarium may be removed by means of filtering, as shown in the figure. for this reason, t


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) the monthly income of a is double than that of b and the m is treble than that of c. if the total income of three persons is rs 80,000, find the mon