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) jake is revising the following sentence. everyone should put on their seatbelt now. what is the best way for him to revise this sentence? a everyone should put on its seatbelt now. b everyone should put on our seatbelt now. c everyone should put on your seatbelt now. d everyone should put on his or her seatbelt now. Get the answer
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) let an denote number of n-digit ternary sequences (sequences of 0,1 and 2) which have no consecutive 0’s in them. find a recurrence relation for an.


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) let’s say you are walking around fiu’s preserve, how would you tell if a plant there is a monocot or a eudicot? b) use the differences in stem morph


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) list three things you learned from this article. (2.) explain whether or not you personally feel physical activity can improve how you do academical