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"by now it was dawn, but the light was still dim and faint. the buildings round us were already tottering. ... this finally decided us to leave the town. once beyond the buildings we stopped, and there we had some ... experiences which thoroughly alarmed us. the carriages... began to run in different directions though the ground was quite level. ... we also saw the sea sucked away and apparently forced back by the earthquake: at any rate it receded from the shore so that quantities of sea creatures were left stranded on dry sand. on the landward side a fearful black cloud was rent by forked and quivering bursts of flame, and parted to reveal great tongues of fire, like flashes of lightning magnified in size." - pliny the younger, as quoted in eyewitness to history why did the carriages start to run in different directions? a. the earth was shaking. b. the horses were on fire. c. the wheels were melting. d. each was headed to a different town. Get the answer
Category: ecology | Author: Abraham Uilleam


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"caller id" is the feature that displays the telephone number of the caller on the telephone of the person he or she calls. with caller id now routine


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"calm down, mrs. blakely," holmes replied. "the solution to this mystery is staring you in the face. there is no sign of a break-in, so the thief has


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"can you drive ?' 'no, a) i never drove c) i've never driven -- a car but i want to learn. b) i'm never driving d) i was never driving?