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"busy tilling the fields, mendez asked his sister soledad vidaurri to enroll his three children inthe nearby 17th street school when she went to enroll her two children. the school authoritiestold mrs. vidaurri that her two children (who were fair skinned and whose last name did notsound mexican) could be enrolled but that the mendez children (who were dark skinned and whohad a very mexican sounding last name) would have to go to the mexican school a few blocksaway. ironically, mendez, who was born in mexico but who had resided in california since hewas 6 years old, had attended integrated public school in the early 1920s. he had become a u. s.citizen. his wife, felicitas, was born in puerto rico and was there also as an american citizen.their three children were all born in the united states and were fluent in english."in the preceding text associated with california's mendez school segregation case in 1949. howis the school district defining american-ness?ocitizenshipolanguage skillsresidencyoskin color Get the answer
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"but presently i gave command to my officers to flay those sheathe bronze cut down, and make burnt offerings of flesh to the gods below -- to sovereig


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"but progress is not foreordained. the key is freedom – freedom of thought, freedom of information, freedom of communication." "you know, one of the f


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"but scenery without a solace is meaningless" who said the quote? analyze the quote and provide meaning. use another quote from the same passage to ex