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(2 points) another model for a growth function for a limited pupulation is given by the gompertz function, which is a solution of the differential equation dpdt=cln(kp)p where c is a constant and k is the carrying capacity. (a) solve this differential equation for c=0.05, k=1000, and initial population p0=100. p(t)= . hint: note that dpdt=cln(kp)p=?c(lnp?lnk)p and then use separation of variables with u-substitution in the integration step (or do this mentally). (b) compute the limiting value of the size of the population. limt?[infinity]p(t)= . (c) at what value of p does p grow fastest? p= . hint: differentiate dpdt again with respect to t (implicitly) and use the first derivative test to find the value of p that gives a maximum in dpdt. Get the answer
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(2) study the figure below and use the counting square method to determinethe perimeter and area of the diagram in the grid. the idea for using theco


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(2) a) complete the table of values for y = x2 + x - 4x -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3?toalabb) which curve, a, b, c or dis the graph ofy = x2 + x -4? (1)5?d-3-2a2


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(2) (a) find the value of x and then fine the value of angle e e h 24x + 3 860 75° 100° f g