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(2 points) a large tank is filled to capacity with 500 gallons of pure water. brine containing 2 pounds of salt per gallon is pumped into the tank at a rate of 4 gal/min. the well-mixed solution is pumped out at the same rate. find the number a(t) of pounds of salt in the tank at time t. what is the concentration c(t) of the salt in the tank at time t? at t=5? what is the concentration of the salt in the tank after a long time t?[infinity]? a(t)= , c(t)= , c(5)= lb/gal limt?[infinity]c(t)= Get the answer
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Selma Yafa 55 Minutes ago

(2 points) the least squares method requires that the variance ?2??2 of the error variable ? is a constant no matter what the value of x is. when this


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(2 points) use euler's method to solve dbdt=0.03b with initial value b=1000 when t=0 . a. ?t=1 and 1 step: b(1)? b. ?t=0.5 and 2 steps: b(1)? c. ?t=0.


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(2) study the figure below and use the counting square method to determinethe perimeter and area of the diagram in the grid. the idea for using theco