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(10 points) helppp ;'o read the scenario. use it to answer the question that follows: taylor was arrested for being out on the streets after a town-wide curfew. the curfew applies to all citizens. taylor is an adult who was walking home from a friend's house. an officer wrote a ticket requiring taylor to pay a fine for breaking the curfew law. taylor says the law should not be allowed, that the town's leaders do not have the power or right to make or enforce a curfew on adults. taylor decides to challenge the law in court. based on this scenario, what is the source and the type of law for the curfew? (4 points) source: constitutional, type: civil source: statutory, type: criminal source: common, type: criminal source: case, type: civil Get the answer
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(10 points) in super human by nicola yoon. based on the evidence within the text, why do you think x threatens humanity when he doesn’t actually want


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(10 points) which venn diagram shows the correct relationship among different sets of numbers and the correct placement of -648?


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(10 points) you run a factory and are contracting with a supplier who ships you important components. you are considering imposing a rule over whether