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"before the war broke out, when you were still a servant in master william selby’s house, you’d bet on anything—how early spring thaw might come, or if your older brother titus would beat your cousin caesar in a wrestling match—and most of the time you won. there was something about gambling that you could not resist. there was suspense, the feeling that the future was not already written by white hands. or finished. there was chance, the luck of the draw. in the roll of dice or a card game, there was always—what to call it?— an openness, a chance that the outcome would go this way or that. for or against you. of course, in bondage to master selby there were no odds. whichever way the dice fell or the cards came up, you began and ended your day a slave. but did you win this time?" question: what question from the paragraph up above do these lines down bellow start to answer? what new questions do they introduce? include evidence please. "even some of the mistress’s jewelry that the three of you might barter, then delivered all this to your brother and caesar in the barn. the three of you left that night on two of the master’s best horses, you riding behind titus, your arms tightly circling his waist until you stopped to make camp in the woods. there, caesar suggested that it would help if you all changed your names and appearances as much as possible since master selby was sure to post your descriptions. titus said fine, he’d grow a beard and call himself john free. caesar liked that, said, “then i’ll be george liberty.” they waited for you to pick a name, poking sticks at the campfire, sending up sparks into the starless sky" Get the answer
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"bi-lo traders is considering a project that will produce sales of $45,950 and have costs of $26,300. taxes will be $4,600 and the depreciation expens


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"bigfoot. sasquatch. yeti. yeren. yowie. the names and details may differ from place to place, but from north america to china to new zealand, one thi


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"bile is produced by the liver and travels through the cystic duct to be stored in the gallbladder. it is then released from the gallbladder's ducts i