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(1-2 paragraphs) if you were a peasant living during the middle ages, would you choose to live on a manor or in a town? be sure to answer in complete sentences. in your answer you should provide a claim (an answer to the question) and provide at least three (3) reasons to support your claim. each of your reasons to support your claim should be separate sentences. your reasons could support the choice you made or explain why you would not want to live in the opposite choice. Get the answer
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(1.)the government uses the tax income to provide national defense? true or false (2.) taxes pay for daily operations of the government? true or fals


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(1.02) evaluate the following expression using the values given: find 3r2 – 5s + 6t if r = 2, s=-4, t = -1 o 38 o 26 o -2 o -14


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(1.04) this is an itemized summary of probable income and expenses for a given period. obank account ointerest bearing account o budget o lottery