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(1) one reason students should get low prices is because it is an educational place. (2) it helps students learn things they will not learn in school. (3) the museum should give students a low price on tickets. (4) another reason students should get a low price is because it will increase attendance. (5) more students will be able to visit if it costs less money. (6) this will make the museum more successful. 8 in the paragraph above, sentence 3 is out of order. where would it best be placed? a. after sentence 5 b. before sentence 2 c. before sentence 1 d. after sentence 4 Get the answer
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(1) peanut butter sandwiches are great! (2) they provide energy and nutrition. (3) it is a tasty snack that can be made quickly. (4) peanut butter san


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(1) people collect different objects as a hobby, and starting a collection can be the beginning of an exciting opportunity. (2) when deciding on an o


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(1) people may think that love and romantic feelings are enough of a basis for choosing a spouse. (2) the chances of a marriage surviving, however, wo