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(1) in ordinary circumstances, when the corporate veil has not been pierced, a shareholder may be liable for: a. the actions of the board of directors. b. unpaid amounts on the shares held by that shareholder. (2) a debt issued by a company as a negotiable instrument with a term of 9 months or less is a security that is exempt from registration and is called: a. a short-swing trade. b. short-term commercial paper. (3) you are studying to be an accountant. during school breaks, you work part-time at a large company that sells its stock on the stock exchange. to help you understand how investments work, you bought 100 shares of stock in this company. while doing the bookkeeping, you discover the company just had a very bad financial quarter. you anticipate the price for the company stock will fall substantially once that information is made public. you decide to sell your shares immediately to avoid a significant loss. you direct your stockbroker to sell your stocks and are able to complete the transaction before this news gets out. have you done anything illegal by selling your stock when you did? a. no, you are entitled to utilize all information available when deciding whether to buy or sell stock. b. yes, it is illegal for an employee of a company to buy or sell company stock. c. no, shareholders can sell or buy stock anytime they wish. d. yes, you will be liable for insider trading based on the misappropriation theory. Get the answer
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(1) justine is putting up wall paper in her room. her room is 12 feet by 12 feet. if the wall paper costs $1.79 per square feet, how much will it cost


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(1) last week, our english class watched a hilarious movie based on a novel. (2) in it, a couple of incompetent thieves bungle their way through a hei


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(1) last week, the mayor sold the run-down village green park to condo developers. (2) the park had been neglected for years, and neighbors complained