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(1 point) (hypothetical.) a box is full of thousands of numbered tickets. we want to estimate the unknown average of all the numbers in the box. to do this, we draw 250 tickets at random. the numbers on these 250 tickets average out to 118 with a standard deviation of 53. round your values to three decimal places. we estimate the average of all the tickets in the box to be 118 . attach a give-or-take value to this estimate. (that is, estimate the standard error.) .031573 for an 85% confidence interval, about how many standard errors should be added to and subtracted from the estimate? (make use of an inverse normal cdf on a calculator.) 1.44 set up an approximate 85% confidence interval for the average of all the tickets in the box. Get the answer
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(1 point) 1. part a all but two of the pyramids built by the ancient egyptians have faces inclined at 52° angles. suppose an archaeologist discovers t


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(1 point) 2. you have made 3 out of 10 of your last free throws. how many free throws can you expect to make if you shoot 100 free throws? 30 50 60 75


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(1 point) 20. an electronics store makes a profit of $72.00 for every television sold and $90.00 for every computer sold. the manager's target is to m