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(07.07 lc) mira la imagen, lee y escoge la opción que corresponde a la imagen. look at the image, read, and choose the option that corresponds to the image. public domain mañana amalia va a ir de vacaciones por un mes y no tiene que trabajar. ¿cómo está amalia hoy? (1 point) a. está emocionado b. está emocionada c. está nervioso. d. está nerviosa. Get the answer
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(08.01 lc) 4 a cylinder has a height of 5 meters and a diameter that is 4 times the measure of the height. using 3.14 for pi, which of the following


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(08.01 lc) a biologist created the following graph to show the relationship between the temperature of water (x), in degrees celsius, and the number


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(08.01 lc) find the circumference and area of a circle with a diameter of 10 inches. leave your answers in terms of pi. o c = 51: a = 20 o c = 10; a