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(06.05 mc) a group of students were surveyed to find out if they like working in a store and/or mowing lawns during the holidays. the results of the survey are shown below: 32 students like working in a store 8 students like working in a store but do not like mowing lawns 29 students like mowing lawns 8 students do not like working in a store which table is correct Get the answer
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(06.05) males and females (ages 13-18) were surveyed to choose a favorite free-time activity: playing computer games, listening to music, or watching


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(06.06 m) based on the graph, what is one solution of the equation f(x) = g(x)? f(x) g(x) 236 326 -2 -15 las 0 ox=-3.5 ox=1 ox=0.25 x = -2


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(06.07 lc) lee y escoge la opción con la estación correcta para completar la frase. read and choose the option with the correct season to complete th