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(03.06) a school system is reducing the amount of dumpster loads of trash removed each week. in week 5, there were 40 dumpster loads of waste removed. in week 10, there were 30 dumpster loads removed. assume that the reduction in the amount of waste each week is linear. write an equation in function form to show the amount of trash removed each week. your fix) = -2x + 40 fx) = 2x + 40 f(x) = -2x + 50 f(x) = 2x + 50 Get the answer
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(04.01 lc) an if statement tells the computer when a certain condition is true; the computer should execute the block of code within it. (5 points) a


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(04.01 lc) lee las frases e identifica si cada una es subjuntiva o indicativa. después, escoge la opción que refleja el modo correcto. read the sente


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(04.01 lc) the coordinates of point a on a grid are (?3, ?2). point a is reflected across the y-axis to obtain point b. the coordinates of point b are