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(03.01 mc)alex and lara have $21.00 each to spend at a book fair, where all students receive a 35% discount. they both want to purchase a copy of the same book, which normally sells for $28.50 plus 10% sales tax. to check if he has enough to purchase the book, alex takes 35% of $28.50 and subtracts that amount from the normal price. he takes 10% of the discounted selling price and adds it back to find the purchase amount. lara takes 65% of the normal purchase price and then computes 110% of the reduced price. is alex correct? is lara correct? do they have enough money to purchase the book? explain your answer using complete sentences, and show your work. Get the answer
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(03.02 lc) the process used by the american court system today came from which group of people? (5 points ?? african americans ob chinese c english o


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(03.02 lc) given trapezoids qrst and wxyz, which statement explains a way to determine if the two figures are similar? verify corresponding pairs of s


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(03.02 lc) what is the charge on an atom after it loses an electron during the formation of a bond? (5 points) one positive charge two positive charge