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(02.04 lc) the table of values represents a linear function gb.), where x is the number of days that have passed and g(x) is the balance in the bank account: x g(x) 0 $1,500 2 $1,350 4 $1,200 part a: find and interpret the slope of the function (3 points) part b: write the equation of the line in point-slope, slope-intercept, and standard forms (3 points) part c: write the equation of the line using function notation. (2 points) part d: what is the balance in the bank account after 5 days? (2 points) Get the answer
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(02.04 mc) a student represented a water molecule using beads and straws. she connected two black beads and one white bead in a certain manner using


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(02.04 mc) choose the equation that represents the line that passes through the point (6.-3) and has a slope of 1/2 oy= 1/2x+6 oy=1/2x-6 oy=1/2x-3 oy


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(02.04 mc) which of the following is a reasonable ground-state electron configuration? 1s22s22p6382 o 1822s22p63s23d4 o 1822s22d102p3 o 1s22s22p%2d6