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(01.01 mc) an idea is being proposed. the steps that led to the idea are listed below: only the favorable evidence were considered. there was a review by the scientific community. the outcomes were same each time. can this idea be scientific? yes, because the idea produced reliable results. no, because it was not reviewed by family and friends. yes, because all steps of the scientific method were followed. no, because conflicting evidence and arguments were not considered. Get the answer
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(01.02 hc) in 3–5 complete sentences, thoroughly explain how the protagonist's cultural background affects his or her actions and choices in your mo


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(01.02 hc)a jar contains 0.75 liter of blackberry juice and 0.60 liter of blueberry juice. patrick poured 0.25 liter of guava juice into the jar. he t


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(01.02 hc)a jar contains 0.85 liter of strawberry juice and 0.50 liter of mango juice. celina poured 0.15 liter of watermelon juice into the jar. she