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( im giving a lot of points so pls answer honestly ;-;) the surface of a table to be built will be in the shape shown below. the distance from the center of the shape to the center of each side is 8.7 inches and the length of each side is 10 inches. a hexagon labeled abcdef is shown will all 6 sides equal in length. ed is labeled as 10 inches. a perpendicular is drawn from the center of the hexagon to the side ed. this perpendicular is labeled as 8.7 inches. part a: describe how you can decompose this shape into triangles. (2 points) part b: what would be the area of each triangle? (5 points) part c: using your answers above, determine the area of the table's surface. (3 points) Get the answer
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( please help it's a letter writing ) 1.drinking water is becoming a rare commodity. industrial development is filling our rivers, seas and oceans wi


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( show your work ) a flower vase has a square base with each side 4 inches. the vase is 12 inches tall. the vase must be filled half way to keep the


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( show your work ) the banner that football players run through is 18 feet high and 30 feet long. how much paper is needed to construct a banner ?