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( when teaching about the treatment of enslaved people and the effects of slavery, which would be the most useful tool to help students' understanding? ) a) primary sources of the accounts of enslaved people b) primary sources from abolitionists c) textbook account of the triangular trade system d) graph showing the number of enslaved africans brought to the americas Get the answer
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( all answer choices are the same)complete with the appropriate word 9. tiene de cabeza porque tiene mucho estrés. * 10. el médico le la medicina par


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( and 50 points! ) robert has a collection of nickles, dimes, and quarters. the total value of the coins is $8.50. he has 3 times as many nickles as d


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( c) it is 3.30 p. m in india when the film awards event is held in montreal, canada which is at 74° west. what must have been the time in montreal? ?