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#l2 letter to the editor television and motion pictures have been distorting our view of the legal process for years . generations of children have grown up believing perry mason and l. a. law tell it like it is in the courtroom . now comes another "great " idea put tv cameras in the u. s. supreme court ! let the popcorn - munchers gaze blankly as the most important legal decisions in the land are made ! better yet, turn on a bank of blinding lights and have an army of gum chewing technicians stumbling around as our supreme court justices attempt to reach some kind of rational decision on laws that will change our lives . and right in the middle of this circus , drop in a few commercials for dog food and denture paste. why even use real justices ? hire actors and call the whole thing overturn that verdict ! really, people . is nothing sacred ? which statement best summarizes the point of view of letter -writer #2? Get the answer
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$ 20,000 is invested at a rate of 5% compounded quarterly. identify the compound interest function ta model the situation. then find the balance after


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$ = {even numbers above 20 and less than 50} a = {26, 30, 32, 44, 48}b = {22, 26, 34}a) complete the venn diagram to show information. a number is ch


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$ java stringsearch "" "" "" the overall goal of stringsearch is to take a file of text, search for lines in the file based on some criteria, then pri