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#include ad libs are activities that have a person provide various words, which are then used to complete a short story in unexpected (and hopefully funny) ways. complete the program to read the needed values from input, that the existing output statement(s) can use to output a short story. ex: if the input is: eric chipotle 12 cars the output is: eric went to chipotle to buy 12 different types of cars. lab activity 15.10.1: lab: input: mad lib Get the answer
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#l2 letter to the editor television and motion pictures have been distorting our view of the legal process for years . generations of children have gr


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$ which word in the sentence below is a possessive noun?iei found some old photos in the boxes in my aunt's attic.?photosbboxescaunt'sabdattic


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$ where t is the number of a =500 the milligrams of aspirin in a person's body is given by the equation hours since the patient took the medicine. ho