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#5.color number of pieces blue 45 green 72 orange 60 red 56 yellow 67 a large bag has 450 pieces of candy. how many red pieces can be expected in this bag? a 56 b 84 c 112 d 168 #6.five of the first 50 shoppers at a grocery store buy apples. how many shoppers can the store manager expect to check out before 25 customers buy apples? a 100 b 150 c 200 d 250 Get the answer
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#6 look at the two circles below. they share a center point. the largercircle has a radius of 10 inches. the distance between the smaller circleand th


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#6) mary earned a weekly salary of $398 for the first 30 weeks of the year. she changed jobs and was paid a weekly salary of $712 for the last 22 we


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#6) the experiment is rolling two 6-sided dice. your result is the sum of the two dice. e is a subset of the sample space. what is the complement of e