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#3) ce matin, les ramasseurs de pommes ont rempli 56 cagettes de pommes contenantchacune 4,250 kg de pommes et 15 sacs de 12,5 kg de pommes. a la fin de lajournée, 615 kg de pommes ont été cueillis. quelle quantité de pommes a étéramassée l'après-midi ? Get the answer
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#3*1 pointa composite figure contains a rectangle and a triangle as shown below.3 feet5.8 feet20 feetwhich of the following describes the area of the


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#3-10: record the letter of the fraction card that is equivalent to the decimal representation below. (not all of the fraction cards will be used.) 3


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#3. what role did the renaissance play in launching an age of exploration? more info on, europeans explore the east, chapter 19 section 1