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#13. the population p of a town increases according to the model p(t) = 6500e^0.02t where t represents the year, where t = 0 corresponds to year 2000. using trial and error, plug in several values for t to find the year during which the population first exceeds 10,000. show your work. Get the answer
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#17: a rectangular shape has an area of 150 square units. the sides of the rectangle measure (x + 3) and (x – 2). what is the value of x? (type the fi


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#17: if the area of a rectangle measures 20 square inches, the side lengths must be 4 inches and 5 inches. if the statement above is false, provide


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#18 * c) assessment practice 18. last month you spent $30. this month you spent 140% of what you spent last month. set up a proportion to model this