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#1. how did the tigris and euphrates rivers make the growth of civilization mesopotamia possible? #2. interpret maps what forms the borders of mesopotamia?#3. identify main ideas what new methods and technology did farmers in#4. does mesopotamia use to take advantage of the fertile soil?#5. how did the organization of sumerian society affect the way different roles were viewed by others?#6. in what ways did the rivers support agriculture and the city-states?#7. how did food surpluses encourage local andlong-distance trade?#8. what religious practices did sumerians observe to serve and please their gods?#9. what does superhuman means?#10. why do you think sumerians thought that cleansing was necessary before entering shrines? Get the answer
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#1. what good luck charm from around the world struck you as the most interesting or different and why? #2. if you had a choice, would you rather vis


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#1. what is the stopping distance for a velocity of 10 miles per hour? #.use a graphing calculator to sketch the graph of the quadratic equation, and


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#1.how is the total price including sales tax calculated? #2.you recorded the actual expenses you incurred for a previous month in the above table. d