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#1 does the need to be part of a group override one’s individual morals? #2 is fear the emotion that most affects one’s decision making? and if not, which emotion does so? #3 why are rituals necessary in a society? #4 which leadership style is more effective: totalitarian or democratic? #5 how does the persona one presents to others impact one’s true identity? #6 is it necessary to protect the weakest in society? and if so, to what benefit? Get the answer
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#1 volume of a square based pyramid i • draw and find the volume of a square based pyramid meeting the following criteria: 1) mark the base, which is


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#1 what is one major central idea of nurse and spy in the union army? answer in one or two complete sentences. #2 name two details from the text tha


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#1 which best represents the circumference of a circle with a radius of 12inches? 8o inches 75 inches68 inches38 inces