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"studying locally is better than abroad" . in a pair , discuss whether you agree with the statement or not. in the end , please come up with the same conclusion on which one is better. [advantage of studying locally] [advantage of studying abroad]a: i agree with the statement. i think studying luckily is better because b: in my opinion , studying abroad is better because a: besides that , we can b: that is a good point . however , when we study abroad , we can a: that is true but b: moreover , over with your be able to a: we can wh n we studying locallyb: apart from that ,we when studying abroad .a: after the discussions i think that studyingis better than studying. what do you think ?b: i didn't we both agreed that studyingis better than studying.? Get the answer
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"that was my role :the dutiful son, the all american boy with an all-american fifthteen-foot deadeye jump shot and all american 3.5 gpa" (27) what doe


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"the nazi holocaust, which engulfed millions of jews in europe, proved anew the urgency of the re-establishment of the jewish state, which would solve


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"the client scored low on extraversion and agreeableness but high on neuroticism. looks like schizoid personality disorder to me." the therapist being