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"a geologist discovers a fault in a massive rock while out in the field. he notices that the fault occurs at an angle and that the hanging wall has moved downward from the footwall. what type of fault has the geologist found?" a. normal fault b. reverse fault c. divergent fault d. strike-slip fault Get the answer
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"a group of 8 friends goes to the movies. a bag of popcorn costs $2.99. how much will it cost to get one bag of popcorn for each friend? explain how y


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"a local water park charges $18 per kid and $25 per adult for all-day admission. on its best day of the summer, the park sold 8 times as many kid tick


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

"a long time customer has purchased securities in a margin account and is experiencing a temporary cash shortfall. the customer tells the registered r