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"you are standing on a mountainside. the wind is blowing upward toward you from below. water vapor in the air is cooling, condensing, and precipitating above you. are you on the windward side or the leeward side of the mountain? what is the weather like?" i'm stuck please help Get the answer
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"you decide to purchase a building for $30,000 by paying $5,000 down and assuming a mortgage of $25,000. the bank offers you a 15-year mortgage requir


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"you got a girl?" he [rickey] demanded. it was a heck of a question. i had two reactions: why should he be concerned about my relationship with a gir


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"you have an investment opportunity that requires an initial investment of $ 5 comma 000 today and will pay $ 6 comma 000 in one year. what is the irr