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"this work is the outgrowth of an effort on the part of the editors of mcclure's magazine (who) decided a few years ago to publish a detailed narrative of the history of the growth of a particular trust. the standard oil trust was chosen for obvious reasons. it was the first in the field, and it has furnished the methods, the charter, and the traditions for its followers... its vast profits have led its officers into various allied interests, such as railroads, shipping gas, copper, iron, steel. it has led in the struggle against legislation directed against combinations. its power in state and federal government in the press... is generally recognised. the perfection of the organisation of the standard, the ability and daring with which it has carried out its projects, make it the pre-eminent trust of the world-the one whose story is best fitted to illuminate the subject of combinations of capital." -- from the history of the standard oil company, 1904 this passage is from the preface to whose muckraking masterpiece? a) lincoln steffens b) jacob rills c) ida tarbell d) upton sinclair Get the answer
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"thou art the master," said bagheera, in an undertone. "save akela from the death. he was ever thy friend." akela, the grim old wolf who had never ask


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"thou know'st the mask of night is on my face, else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek for that which thou hast heard me speak to-night..." what i


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"though, there is a great possibility of hydropower generation in nepal, the electricity has not been supplied as required.” explore the reasons. ?