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"there was a time when robots and home automation were just a fantasy. robots were found only in science fiction and home automation was limited to cartoon families who had every convenience at their fingertips. meals arrived with a simple push of a button. a robot maid performed every task humans didn't care to do. today, these once visionary ideas have become reality... robots have been around longer than many people realize. archytas, who lived in greece over 2300 years ago, is believed to have created the first robot. archytas built a steam-powered mechanical bird that was able to flap its wings and fly over 200 yards. while robots do not yet possess common sense or creativity, the day may soon come when they will. humans are hard at work creating more and more intelligent androids. can humans someday create a robot whose intelligence surpasses our own? will super-intelligent androids obey their human programmers? or will they make their own decisions? these are issues that are no longer limited to science fiction. today, they are science fact." what is the cultural context of this passage? the reading takes place in modern times. the narrator writes science fiction novels about robots who serve humans with the touch of a button. the reading takes place in greece in 2300 bc. the narrator is the creator of the world's first robot, archytas. the reading takes place in the distant future. the narrator is a super-intelligent robot who disobeys its human programmer and makes its own decisions. the reading takes place in modern times. the narrator shares facts along with her beliefs and questions about the development of robots. Get the answer
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"there's no tipping point. it's a constant evolution of how we eat [and] what the supermarket is going to look like." the suffix - tion in the words


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"therefore i shall speak to you of love. speak in the night. speak before both night and love are gone—and the eye of day looks upon my sorrow and my


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"these cattle are sacred, because they are actually a divine gift from the sky god, enkai. our tribe makes a living by caring for the cattle, feeding