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"so many people ask me what they shall do, so few tell me what they can do. yet this is the pivot wherein all must tum. "i believe that each of us who has his place to make should go where men are wanted, and where employment is not bestowed as alms. of course, i say to all who are in want of work, gowest! "on the whole i say, stay where you are; do as well as you can; and devote every spare hour to making yourself familiar with the conditions and dexterity required for the efficient conservation of out-door industry in a new country. having mastered these, gather up your family and gowest!" horace greeley, editor of the new york tribune, letter to r. l. sanderson, 1871 the advice in the excerpt most directly reflects the influence of which of the following prevailing american ideas? o nationalism o popular sovereignty o manifest destiny o isolationism Get the answer
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"social media is bad for society. they have found that students use it for cheating all the time." what questions would a critical thinker have regar


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"social media can help reduce social shame. for example, the sticks and stones campaign uses twitter to reduce stigmas surrounding mental health and l


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"social media is making it more and more difficult for people to develop authentic emotional relationships with each other. talking to one another th