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"on duty at the courthouse that night was forty-year-old mathias schaffer. schaffer was showing some visitors around the tower when one of them pointed to smoke in the distance. schaffer glanced at the smoke, but dismissed the sighting. it was just the smoldering embers from the previous night's fire, he assured them. nothing to worry about." "several minutes passed before schaffer looked up from what he was doing and saw flames leaping wildly into the black sky. the light was from a different fire after all; he'd been fooled because this new blaze was almost directly behind the still-flickering remnants of the saturday october 7 fire." what was the effect of schaffer dismissing the sighting of smoke? Get the answer
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"once a year, in the middle of january, rahman, the cabuliwallah, used to return to his own country, and as the time approached, he would be very bus


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"one saturday afternoon corina noticed dark clouds gathering in the sky above her house. her mother and father told her that a thunderstorm was rollin


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"one must be a sea to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure" whats the meaning of this quote someone please help me