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"minerva writes poems" plot objectives: distinguishing between traditionally plotted and episodic novels. writing statements of theme for episodic novels based on the action in the vignette. activity: identify which of the five important plot elements are present in "minerva writes poems." (we worked on these elements in speak, but if you need to look up these elements online in order to do the assignment then you should do so.) write a statement of theme based on the action in the vignette. the first one is done for you. example: title: "no speak english" • exposition the third floor front apartment across the street. • rising action the fat woman arrives but does not speak english. . climax the baby starts to talk in english. • falling action the sad woman cries. • resolution mamacita tells her child not to speak english. statement of theme: immigrants have problems adjusting to their new lives. title: • exposition • rising action . climax • falling action • resolution statement of theme: Get the answer
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"monetary policy can be described either in terms of the money supply or in terms of the interest rate." this statement amounts to the assertion that


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"money serves as a​ . a. unit of​ account, which means that it can be held and exchanged later for goods and services b. store of​ value, which


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"most of the solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and much of what reaches the earth's surface is radiated back into the atmosphere to become