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"listen up." said, dave thoreson, dive team leader, as his team finished suiting up. "this is a hazardous dive. we've been properly trained and properly equipped with the necessary gear and tools to rescue the trapped cavers. stay in physical contact with the divers in front of and behind you. after we complete the rescue, meet me to debrief what we did well and what we can improve" in this case, the proper training and equipment is an example of control. a. concurrent b. operator c. feedback d. specialist e. feedforward Get the answer
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"lois comes out of her shell" episode 6 season 11 on family guy, lois whispered to peter: "i had my... so it's tighter now" what did lois mean? was sh


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"look at you," mrs. jameson said, when i told her how i'd remembered that story from english class, "making use of those 'stu---' stories from english


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"looking backward" political cartoon, published 1893, and then describe the characters on the shore and their shadows, as well as the person arriving.