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.    copy and complete the sentences using these words ( some may be used twice) oxygen,   body tissues.   ,   left lungs,     carbon dioxide,      veins.   deoxygenated ,    right. oxygen*the right side of the mammalian heart pumps blood to the   .   here it absorbs and is now called   blood.the gas   is removed from the blood in the lungs.   the blood returns to the   side of the heart and from here it is pumped to the where it gives up its   and is now called blood.    it passes back to the   side of the heart in                                                                                                                                                                         [8marks]2.   explain what is meant by the term single circulation and double circulation.                   [4marks]3. write at least 4 key points / statements about the mammalian heart.                                  [8marks] Get the answer
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/ 10 points for using including a topic sentence and formally answering the prompt. avoid using pronouns- instead, be specific and include the title a