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.question 24 for the next two questions use the following information to determine your answers. a random sample of 230 workers at a company were surveyed about their satisfaction with their life. the answer about their satisfaction (not, somewhat, very) was recorded along with their annual wages (1 = $20k - $35k, 2 = $35k - $50k, 3 = $50k - $75k, 4 = $75k - $90k). below is the gathered data. assuming there’s no relationship between income and life satisfaction, how many people who earn between $20k - $35k would you expect to be not satisfied with life? please round to the second decimal place Get the answer
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.read the lines from the poem taj mahal and answer the questions that followthough emeralds, rubies, pearls are all but as the glitter of a rainbow


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.renters insurance is different than homeowners insurance in that . a. unlike homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance will not cover items lost in a


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.richard nixon and john kennedy had all of the following in common except: a both were tough campaigners b both had served in the navy c both had ente